Virtual Worlds

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A really useful and extensive reference point for exploring the multitude of online virtual worlds divided into ‘best for’ categories:

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It’s all in the mind

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Thought Controlled video gaming

The president and chief executive of Nintendo, Satoru Iwat, has no doubt that thought controlled games will be part of our future “As soon as we think something in our brain, it will appear within a video game,”

Rival gaming company Emotiv believe such technology is already available and plan to launch the worlds first thought controlled game by the end of the year.

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The Vitruvian World

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Michael Takeo Magruder + Drew Baker + David Steele – 02.2008

The Vitruvian WorldIn the 1st century BC, Roman writer, architect and engineer Vitruvius codified specific building formulae based on the guiding principles of strength, utility and beauty. He believed that architecture was intrinsically linked to nature and was a human imitation of cosmic order. The most well-known interpretation of this postulate is the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci in which the male form is depicted in unity with the square and circle – representing material and spiritual existence respectively.

This tripartite union of human body, material form and spiritual essence maintains relevance within the current climate of distributed presences, mixed realities and internet cultures. The proliferation of synthetic worlds and virtual constructs engendered by our ubiquitous technology provides new realms for both actual existence and creative exploration.

The Vitruvian World is a multi-nodal and recursive artwork that embodies the principles of Vitruvius within this context. Existing in three distinct yet interconnected spaces, the work simultaneously embraces the virtual, the physical, and the network connecting them.

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The Vitruvian World

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