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Bionic Man

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Stuart Hughes, a BBC producer who lost his leg whilst covering the Iraq war, talks of how amazing advances in prosthetic technology may even allow amputee soldiers back into battle. Related ... Read more..

It’s all in the mind

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Thought Controlled video gaming The president and chief executive of Nintendo, Satoru Iwat, has no doubt that thought controlled games will be part of our future “As soon as we think ... Read more..

Robot “Love”

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Video and article about a robot that relaxes when stroked and cuddled and then mesmerises another that loves human faces. The Heart Robot was developed by David McGoran of the The ... Read more..


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A friend of mine has been working on this for a while - the project goes back about ten years. LightDancers is a full-body, interactive media system. Offhand, I don't ... Read more..