Yacov Sharir

Yacov Sharir – Keynote Speaker
Friday 31st October – Networked Creations

Professor Yacov Sharir graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art in sculpture and ceramics and continued his studies in dance at the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Sharir danced and performed professionally over thirty years including thirteen with the Bat-Shave dance Company of Israel.

Sharir was the founder of the American Deaf Dance Company, which pioneered the inclusion of deaf artists in professional dance. He subsequently founded Sharir Dance Company, the resident professional Dance Company of the University of Texas at Austin. Sharir is an award winning choreographer and a multiple NEA choreography fellowship recipient. He has choreographed for companies around the world. He was awarded a two-year fellowship from the Banff Centre for the Arts, At the University of Texas at Austin, Sharir teaches dance, choreography, computer aided art courses, virtual reality/cyberspace in the arts, and multi-disciplinary graduate courses. He is a frequent keynote speaker at arts and technology conferences and symposia in the USA and around the world.