About Post Me_New ID

An action research project with a focus on the future of the body

network, create and share
Post Me_New ID examines the complexity of 21st century European identity through an exploration based on the effect of digital technologies of the body and identity. An active and public Blog is fed by a series of debate led Research Engines with a Forum and Book as the end products. In addition a series of Creation Processes will result in a public Installation / Performance.

Post Me_New ID is a co-production between body>data>space (London, UK), CIANT | International Centre for Art and New Technologies (Prague, Czech Republic), TMA | Trans-Media-Academy Hellerau (Dresden, Germany) and Kibla (Maribor, Slovenia) supported by the European Union within the Culture 2007 Programme.

Post Me_New ID practically explores the physical and digital social networking of creation processes for interdisciplinary artistic projects and envisions the artistic outputs of generations to come.

This project is a driver for a learning exchange and knowledge transfer in a diverse group of skilled experts. It brings together artists, curators, academics, psychologists, creative technologists and new media producers working in a value chain of shared expertise – from process to product and to the public.

  • What is the current and future condition of the post-human body?
  • What is the relationship between identities and digital culture?
  • How will digital and physical mobility affect and interact with future gender ideologies and multi-cultural scenarios?
  • How will the creative participation of audience as players (not just spectators) affect and change artistic processes, the tools in use and the culture created?

We are researching and exploring the following key themes:

  • Wearables / Prosthetics / Robotics
  • Telematics / Generative / Real Time
  • Next ID / Multi Selves / Avatars
  • Monsters /Heroes – human / non-human / the “other”
  • Engendered bodies – shifts in gender psychologies

The long-term aim of the project is a sustained knowledge network that will foster understanding of individual as well as collective identities rendered by 21st digital culture.

The 14 partners for Post Me_ New ID are: