Super Doctors- Robot Doctors. Current series on BBC

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Professor Robert Winston looks at the new, cutting edge surgical robots in the UK and around the world in this new series on the BBC. The first of a series of 3, last Thursday’s programme followed a robot doctor at Queen Mary’s Hospital, London as it

The BBC says:
“Featuring one of the first ever brain tumour operations in the world. Space technology has made the extraordinary Canadian Neuroarm robot possible. Not only can the surgeon see exactly what’s going on inside the patient’s brain without having to take the skull off, but they can feel it as well. A robot with a sense of touch”

You can watch the Super Doctors series here (until 9:59pm on Thursday 28th August):

Or read more information on Professor Robert Winston and his work here:

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Robot “Love”

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Robot LoveVideo and article about a robot that relaxes when stroked and cuddled and then mesmerises another that loves human faces.

The Heart Robot was developed by David McGoran of the The University of the West of England’s and the facial recognition robot by Micromagic Systems.

A robot ‘love story’

[ note there are other robot related video links at the bottom of this BBC article ]

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Robot Conductor

May 14th, 2008 leanne Posted in All, Robotics No Comments »

Here is a link to a robot who has conducted a music concert in Detroit!

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Robot Conductor

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April 24th, 2008 laura Posted in All, Robotics, Wearables No Comments »

The C5 Dextrous hand

The Shadow Robot Company have developed the C5 Dextrous Hand. The only robot hand in the world which is capable of the same movements as a human one.

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Shadow Robot

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